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Our engageηow system lets your audience participate in real time.

Ask questions and and get immediate feedback - all from your smart phone

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What makes us different

engageηow works very well with PowerPoint – you can upload a PowerPoint presentation, create your questions, then download your presentation again. Your questions will be inserted into the downloaded presentation at the points you specify. During your presentation, you can simply click on a link on the inserted question slide, and polling begins automatically. There are no extra downloads, and no plugins to install.

engageηow allows users to save questions and entire presentations, and make them available for others to search and use.

Beyond the keypad voting, the engageηow system works as a simple event management system. Schedule all of your event’s sessions, and add one or more speakers to each session. Each speaker has their own area for managing their own Q&A.

Event participants access the schedule via an event-custom web link, and can access a speaker with a couple of taps.

How it works

1. Event host creates engageηow account and pre-enters questions to be posed during presentation

2. Participants access engageηow via their Smart phones to answer questions

3. Results are tabulated and displayed to audience in real-time in an easy-to-read bar chart

4. engageηow can also be used to schedule your event session and provide attendees with a custom event calendar right on their phones!