These instructions are a walkthrough of the entire process of creating and using an engageηow presentation. You should have your PowerPoint presentation already created and ready to integrate with engageηow.

1. Start Q & A Creation

From, click on the Create a Q & A button.

You may need to log in before continuing.

From there, click on the Create an Interactive Presentation button.

2. Add Presentation Details

A. Choose whether you want to create a new presentation, or copy an existing one which has been shared. For this demo, choose Create a New Presentation.

B. Fill out your desired presentation name and Continue.

C. Choose whether or not you'll allow the audience to submit questions and then click Continue. You always can change this option later.

D. Optionally upload a premade PowerPoint file for your presentation. If a PowerPoint file is uploaded, it will be presented on the SlideSorter.

On your presentation page you will see the SlideSorter (item 1), which shows an approximation of your presentation. Also, the title of the presentation (item 2) and the name of the PowerPoint file (item 3) are displayed.

3. Create Question(s)

Create question(s) for your presentation by filling out the question form as necessary. If the presentation has a PowerPoint, questions will be added to the end of the presentation and displayed on the SlideSorter.

  1. Start by typing the question you'd like to ask your audience.

  2. Choose your response type:

    1. Yes / No - automatically pre-populates the responses

    2. Likert Yes / No - automatically pre-populates the responses

    3. Likert Agree / Disagree - automatically pre-populates the responses

    4. Mulitple Choice (choose one) - you create your own responses, as few or as many as you like

    5. Mulitple Choice (choose many) - you create your own responses, as few or as many as you like. You can specify more than one correct answer. For this response type only, participants will be able to choose more than one answer.

    6. Quick Draw - this response type invites the audience to tap on an image in the spot asked in the question (e.g. Tap on the T12 vertebra in this image of a spine). You must upload an image and select the marker type and colour. Choose options that will show up well on your image.

  3. Decide whether or not you'd like to get user feedback on this question.

  4. Upload a picture to go along with your question. For most response types, the picture is optional. For a Quick Draw question, the picture is mandatory.

  5. Optionally enter a number indicating where this question will be inserted into the slide deck. The new question slide can also be dragged to the desired spot in the SlideSorter.

  6. Optionally enter the number of seconds for a countdown timer to be displayed with the question. When using the timer, ensure that you allow enough time for the audience to navigate to the voting website (particularly on the first question), read the question and responses, and register their votes. The timer is largely symbolic; participants will still be allowed to vote after the timer has expired if the presenter decides to keep voting open longer.

  7. Click on the Save button to save the question and insert it into the slide deck.

Once saved, the question will be inserted into the slide deck (in position 2 in this case), and displayed at the left of the screen in the list of questions. Questions can be edited and deleted - don't be afraid to try things out.

Continue to add questions as required. This example is a mulitple choice answer, so the answers are custom to the question. The correct answer is marked, and there was no slide position indicated, so the question will be inserted as the last slide.

If you want to move a slide, click and hold on the slide you want to move. In this case, we'll move slide 8 to position 4.

When you move it, it will get slightly larger and you can drag it to the desired position.

Once there, release the mouse button; the slide will snap into place and the slide numbers will automatically adjust.

Continue to add questions as required. This example is a Multiple Choice (choose many) question, so the answers are custom to the question. Note that there are 2 correct answers marked. Also, position 6 is specified for this slide.

Continue to add questions as required. This example is a Quick Draw question, so adding an image is required. I chose a green star as the marker because the green will show up well against the that image. Also, position 9 is specified for this slide.

4. Launching and Using Your Presentation

If you haven't uploaded a PowerPoint, simply click the Launch Q&A button.

If you have uploaded a PowerPoint, simply click the Download your presentation with questions inserted button. Once it's downloaded, open the PowerPoint presentation and put it into Slide Show/Presentation mode

5. Presenting your Q & A Questions

The downloaded presentation will contain your questions and is ready for presenting. Go through your presentation as usual until you come to your first question. Then click on the question or the question number during the presentation to present your question to the audience.

6. Allow Time For Audience Participation

The question page has several things going on.

  1. This is the voting link. Invite your audience to enter this address into the web browser on their smart phones.
  2. This is response count, it will increment as people vote.
  3. This is the timer. By default it will count up to show how long this page has been active. If you set the Countdown Timer when defining the question it will count down from the number you specified.
  4. Click either the Next or See Results buttons to see the results.

7. View Question Results

After viewing the results you can close your browser tab/window to go back to your PowerPoint presentation.

The results page is similar to the question page, but the answers have bar graphs displaying the percentage of people that chose that option. In this case, no correct answer was specified so no right or wrong answers are hightlighted.

A correct answer that was not chosen will have a green rectangle around the answer:

A correct answer that was chosen will have a green bar graph:

An incorrect answer, and all answers that don't have a correct answer specified have a red bar graph:

Most of the question types work exactly like the example above, but a Quick Draw question is a bit different. The image you selected when creating the question is displayed instead of answers.

When displaying the results, the markers you chose (green star in this case) are displayed, indicating where the voters clicked.