These instructions are a walkthrough of the entire process of moderating an engageηow presentation.

1. Joining the Presentation/Event as a Moderator

From, click on the Moderate a Session button.

Enter your name and the 4-digit event code provided, then click Continue.

Note: the presenter or event administrator must authorize your access to the moderator portal.
2. Select Your Session

Moderating occurs on a per session basis, so click on the session you will be moderating.

3. Moderating an Event/Presentation

This is the main page for moderators.
1. Shows the event and presentation you're currently moderating.
2. These are the dismiss buttons. You can dismiss questions that are inappropriate, off-topic, etc. You can also dismiss questions that have been answered.
3. Common words will appear here and are clickable for filtering.
4. Questions can be filtered by keyword.
5. The Ask AdHoc Question button allows the moderator to submit a question to the presenter. See the Presentation Demo for detailed instruction on adding questions.
6. Questions can be filtered by speaker.
7. Questions can be filtered by their status.